24 per cent

negresco beach

The extremely low humidity and cold winter wind here in Gouna, Egypt are really starting to cause me problems.

Right now it’s at 24%.

Where I live in FLA it’s currently at 98%.

What happens here in Gouna, if you are older, is that your skin turns to crêpe, all wrinkly and shit.

You also will have breathing problems, as the air sacks in your lungs dry out, and your trachea and throat and lungs produce inordinate amounts of mucus to compensate for the dry air.

I am losing a lot of weight right now.

But I have no way to measure my current weight. Of course here it be all kilos, if I did have a scale. Fuck kilos. I want to know my weight in LBs. But it is probably just water loss, not fat, so who cares?

I look like hell because the air is so dry the skin on my face is all creased. I have to put lotion on it every morning. Sometimes, my toes look like worms coming out of my feet.

I cannot see living here year round.

The dust, and it is constant with the endless shiver-inducing wind, further clogs up your lungs and nose.

The amount of dust I have to sweep out every day inside the house is unreal.

I am going to leave Gouna in 58 days.

I doubt I shall ever return. If so, I shall need — before leaving Egypt forever — to say a final goodbye to Zamalek, and what is left there of my decimated family.

The truth is, Gouna is not a place you go to in order to make new friends, or reconnect with old ones. They all hate each other here as much as they do in Florida.

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Broncos vs Hackley 1931

bronxville hight school

Photo courtesy of Jim F. BHS ’69, and I quote: ‘… great old photo from November 1931 of a Bronxville football game. This was when the old football field ran North-South instead of east-west (I believe the current Chambers Field was excavated and the track added just before WW2). Supposedly the “entire village” came out (men in jackets and ties and women in dresses, of course), to see Bronxville beat rival Hackley, 19-12, in the Pond-field.’

I spent two and half years of my life in Bronxville, NY.

Despite the brevity of this stay, this town has influenced me to a degree that I never imagined possible, then.

I am thinking of Bronxville today, for reasons I will not disclose here.

I may even attend my class reunion next year. We shall see.

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God, guns and Trump

RIP to the High School kids in Parkland who were murdered yesterday by an insane teenager.

I’ve lived in Florida for a long time, an hour north of Broward County, where this heinous crime occurred, and the sheriff’s (which has its roots in an Arabic word, something most Americans are unlikely to know) last name is Israel.

Today I watched nutjobs on FOX talk about how the lethal AR15 did not cause these poor kids to lose their lives.

Then I read this, which should clear up any doubts in your mind about America.

God, guns, and Trump?

No thanks.

I may have poked fun in satirical past posts about the reactionary foreigners who live in Gouna, but one thing I am sure about is that if they, or anyone else, tried to pull this open carry shit around here, they would immediately be apprehended by the police and thrown in an Egyptian jail for a very very very long time.

And that is why, in the end, I feel safer here as an Arab-American than back home, where probably every old coot who lives on my street owns a gun and despises anything having to do with Arabs.

God, guns and Trump?

Yeah, right.

Keep supporting the NRA and watching Laura Ingraham and Hannity, suckers.  It’s good for you — not to mention your grandchildren.

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