Yéyé no, groovebeats yes

Today Is the final epic groovebeat day of El Gouna’s Sandbox 2017 festival.

It’s been an infamous (stet) 3 days of incredibly mellow Heineken-swilling vibes and also fantastic groovetunes that was right on point in a vibeish way with the Turkish beat master Butch laying down his beats and Brooklyn Mike Servito and The Mole and Ame and many others including locals who are very good at appearing like they’re Brooklyn hispters except for the alarming unibrows and pseudo American accents and also the unfortunate inability to pronounce the letter P.

This event has commandeered the epicenter of the groovebeat world this week-end especially for the many sons and daughters of the Egyptian upper class who do not want to think about things like soon there will no water in the Nile or, say, the Orange Clowns homicidal health care bill that will kill millions of poor Americans.

It has been even more boom boom boom for UK visitors searching for good beats and on point grooveload vibes but who unfortunately will soon get cucked up when they go back to England in the nether regions by Theresa May and her hideous Tory friends good people all who want to destroy the NHS and turn my birth country into a heartless American-style Brexit slaughterhouse for the masses.

is this a deod ad.gif

It was also a mangroovy haven for those Frenchie visitors who always bring such shimmering elegance and style to events of this nature and have the je ne sais quoi cool to show that they do not care that the bilious Twitter alt-right trolls from America are trying to coordinate online with sheep-faced neo fascist Marine Le Pen’s Vichy minions to make it look like #MacronLeaks is trending when zees is mostly fake bot account activity.

The good vibes at Sandbox in Gouna continue with the good beats everywhere despite the balding dwarf known as Putin engaging in an undeclared cyberwar on France by hacking into Macron’s servers and before that giving millions in secret money to the Neo Nazi FN, even as his battleships and airplanes rain hellfire and death on the helpless Syrian people.

palmasYes, Sandbox 2017 has been a game changer to savor with plenty of live action and happening raves to satisfy everyone’s need for total escapism even though the air temperature went up to a slightly uncomfortable 35 degrees (95F) Celsius during much of the event and a bunch of suspicious Russians probably soiled nearby Hurghada with their unwelcome presence.

Who says reality exists?

Why worry about joining Indivisible or Romanian corruption or the Chinese emptying the seas of fish or the polar ice caps melting or the UK collapsing, when you can mangroove to the good beats and fantastic vibes of Egypt’s stunning Red Sea Riviera?

This is truly life as it should be, because, the Germans still have Angela, and, after all, there will always be an England.



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