Here’s to you, Trumpie boy



I am leaving America in exactly 117 days.

This is a time when most Americans are beginning to realize that a fascist lunatic is occupying the White House.

Not to come across as smug, but I don’t care anymore.

I lived in Manhattan for 25 years. Twenty-five long, beautiful years.

Way past being surprised or entertained by the vulgar, pompous nouveau riche geriatric with the ridiculous hair extensions and the fat little hands.

I think ordinary Americans are only beginning to truly realize the depths of depravity that this monstrous Nero-like clown will stoop to in order to feed his ego and line his pockets with gold at taxpayer’s expense.

The wonder is that they are still allowing this to happen, instead of having some nice men in white coats take him to a nice rubber room on the flight deck in Bellevue.

The wonder is that he has not already been arrested for treason.

But this not my problem, although living in America is an ongoing risk for any Arab-American such as myself.

The Worried Man, by moi

At any time, there could be a call by the buffoon or his minions to corral all citizens of Arab descent and throw them into a 3-million-strong chain gang that will be tasked to build The Great Trump Wall.

This is not idle paranoia: it is the unfortunate reality of Trumplandia.

So, when will Orange Vomit be removed from office?

I give it two years, on the outside. Much sooner, if the Netherlands “money laundering” trail turns out to be real, or his criminal “health care” bill passes the Senate, and people start dying. Then it won’t be just him, but the entire claque of collaborationist House and Senate Republicans could be shown the door.

Frankly, I have other things I want to do with my life than sit around and wait for the inevitable. Like create little cartoons, such as the Flying vid you see at the top of this post: always liked that Beatles instrumental!

Anyway, I want to live a contented life. Away from all this scheisse.

Where I can selfishly enjoy my remaining days in the sun.,

After all, this is no longer my fight: I marched against Nixon during Watergate. What’s changed?

Plus which, I have — with considerable difficulty, I might add, but I ‘ve done it — disassociated myself intellectually and emotionally from a decade and a half of living in the hellhole that is Florida. I’ve written the experience off as a horrible but perhaps understandable mistake, considering the various circumstances involved.

Ones that shall never be repeated, insha’allah.

Whatever happens here in America, the endemic racism, the twisted love of guns, the endless appetite for endless wars under sham pretexts, complete with the partial outsourcing of the perpetual killing machine to mercenaries and drones, the misguided 100% support of the barbaric Zionist occupation project, the transformation of a widely admired country into a breeding ground for odious trolls enamored with political nihilism, the constant intrusion by state actors in women’s reproductive rights, the plague of gerrymandering, the demolishment of American democracy by a right-wing Supreme Court in its notorious Citizens United ruling, et. al., well, good luck with all that.

Me, I’m returning home.

My new home

Some say, but in Egypt, there is dictatorship.


Look in the mirror.

How long will it be before Trumpie Boy sicks the United States army on the population of the United States? 1 year? 2?  How long before he arrests all Democrats in Congress as traitors?  How long before he considers using the nuclear codes to annihilate the Russian investigation?

I don’t doubt that any of these things are within the realm of possibility: when you have a madman in control, anything is possible.

In Egypt, we do not have a sick buffoon leading the country.

When I am home, I may look back, once in a while, from a distance of thousands of miles and wonder, as the old American folk song goes: when will they ever learn?

Perhaps never.

And I no longer give a Yankee Doodle Dandee.

In Gouna, my wife and I will no longer have to live in the midst of people with whom we no longer have anything in common, a people so bent by rage and intolerance and hatred that they are barely recognizable any more as human beings.

Only 117 days away.

It can’t come soon enough.


4 thoughts on “Here’s to you, Trumpie boy

  1. Fantastic header photo. Great cartoons. And such a heartfelt tongue-lashing. May 117 days pass peacefully for you, despite your prognostications about the behaviour of Trump, all all too possible as you say.


    • Thanks for the nice compliments. You are my #1 fan! Unfortunately, you are also my only fan. *S* Great new re Gouna:L I just found out that there will be a film festival inaugurated there right after my wife and I arrive. As a former part time movie critic, all I can say is Hooray!!!!


      • thanks again. i think there are actually about 5 followers, or thereabouts.
        no visitors i guess becuase i ams still invisible to google. or cuz i dont write click bait headlines (on purpose).
        im not worried about it at the moment. there will probably be much more when i start taking pics of my overseas adventures. & put these up on Pinterest, because that network skews towards my target demo (50+, female: it’s a more literate demographic). my hope is that pinterest plus the blog will ultimately one day drive interest to my (this is a goal, as only 40 pages are written so far) amazon ebook sales for the novella i am writing! it is a very obscure, extremely meta kind of book, that takes place in some imaginary version of Egypt, so i will need a built in fan base to sell at least 1 copy!


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