Getting closer


Dolphin leaping for joy in Nice’s Bay of Angels


So here’s a post in which I pretend to be a embittered old man on crank.  Wait!  I am not embittered, am i, mon ami?  

*  *  *

97 days left.  In a week, 3 months exactly, and I’m outta here.

So now the great escape is becoming less theoretical.  It’s mostly now about what I will be doing in 3 months, going forward, as opposed to looking backward at what I shall be leaving behind.

Leaving America will feel like that dolphin leaping in the air in the Bay of Angels this past weekend that you see in the pic above.

First,  a week and a half  in Nice, where no one refers to dolphins as fucking mahi mahi.

For some reason, the one thing I really want don’t want to miss doing there is climb up Nietzsche’s trail.  I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with this. And of course going for a swim in my beloved Mediterranean; let us hope no contamination has drifted up from Taormina.

Then, it’s on to Gouna.

I want this

I’ve already written to my uncle (the retired Egyptian army general) about wanting to buy/rent a decommissioned army jeep on the cheap.  Probably be way too expensive, but in a dream world, I would have a retro T1 to drive down to Marsa Alam.

The jeep thing is unlikely to happen, of course.

Meanwhile back here is sleepy sleepy Florida, the biggest thing around where I live is Tiger Woods getting arrested for being stoned at the wheel at 3am on a nearby road called Military Trail.

I can’t imagine what he was doing there, at that hour, and I don’t care.

What is it about the penis state that causes so many who move here to get DUIs?  As the state motto goes:  come on vacation, leave on probation. No DUIs for this boy, however; so I don’t give a shit.

Good thing the pig hasn’t been mar-a pigsty-0 lately.

It was suffocating there for a while. Now it no longer matters: as Merkel and Macron and a few others, but not, it seems, May, have realized:  he’s just a vain sleazoid who got himself elected by pulling the wool over the eyes of the sorts of people I am truly going to miss being around when I am no longer here.

Just counting the days, mon, till I get out, and put my life on reboot.


Days can’t go by soon enough.


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