The Final Days of Donald Trump

Roy Cohn, Donald Trump’s mentor

Yesterday, Donald Trump committed political suicide.

In a speech that was presented as a sort of game show reveal, the president of the United States pulled our country out of the Paris Agreement.

In doing so, he delivered either a calculated low-cost gambit meant to assuage his base, or a misguided policy decision that would eventually pit America against the rest of the world — all in the interest of pursuing his obsessive, racist quest to eradicate. at any cost, the milestone achievements of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Trump’s speech galvanized a formidable array of domestic and foreign political leaders against this odious new policy, as well as a long list of prominent American CEOs. 70 per cent of Americans support the Paris agreement, which is a voluntary pact that does not compel the United States to act against its own interests — unlike what Trump falsely claimed in his speech.

donal_trump-300x300As eloquently described in David Brooks’s piece today in the New York Times, Donald Trump’s worldview is a primitive, if not barbaric one; something borne out of residual memories of 70s notions of small-bore, corporate one-upsmanship, such as can be found in Michael Korda’s Power!, and probably reinforced by a total misunderstanding of the intent behind Gordon Gecko’s famous scene in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street.

Greed is not good.

No one, except the likes of Donald Trump, and his Russian, Saudi and maybe Eretz Israel friends, believes it is.

And believe it he does, for there is no moral center to Trump’s Machiavellian, narcissistic world, or the Republicans who continue to support him.

Yesterday’s “vacuous melodrama” of a  speech (in the words of Christiana Figueres, a former top United Nations climate official) laid bare to the world the level of despicable amorality promulgated by the current occupants of the White House — many of whom, including the president himself, are likely to go down in flames in the months ahead, as investigations into their deeply corrupt, possibly treasonous Kremlin dealings come to light.

The world is not with this president.

Neither is the majority of Americans.

Overseas, Trump appeals to fascists.

Here, the president continues to appeal only to his 38% base.

Trump’s America

It consists largely of myopic small business owners in flyover country; the elderly in places like Arizona and FLA; white supremacists, lurking in the woods in camouflage costumes, eagerly awaiting the Second Civil War; unemployed middle-aged males who didn’t notice the writing on the wall of their union shop; dangerous cops and retired military who like to pretentiously think of themselves as true patriot “Oath Keepers”; aging bikers, who see themselves as the second coming of Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider; bigots, who hate anyone but their own; racists, who want to right what JFK did to Wallace in Tuscaloosa; the rabidly nationalistic, who resent the existence of other countries; the undereducated who can barely read traffic signs; the desperate, who are compelled to volunteer to serve in endless wars with no clear mission in return for a steady paycheck; trolls, professional or not, who delight in offering exploding cigars to sanctimonious liberals; the mentally unbalanced, who don’t realize where the problem is; the delusional ones, who think Jesus will save us from catastrophic climate change, the belligerent ones, who think that guns and macho arrogance are the only answers to settling any serious dispute; and of course the smug ones, who live in gated fortresses up and down the Eastern seaboard, and eye the climbing Dow with satisfaction, as they play pointless rounds of golf, just like The Donald.

Yesterday, the entire world — except for the variously tenuous dictatorships and theocratic apartheid states that still survive in our planet — rejected Donald Trump and his despicable world view.

The future for Donald Trump and his friends is bleak.

Increased political isolation if not imprisonment is the likely fate for many; for others, the best they can hope is escaping to the temporary safety of yet another despotic country, as their own regimes are overturned by the forces of democracy.

Most human beings agree that we are, in fact, one world, despite our borders, our different cultures, our different religions and economic interests.  Our common cause is to ensure that we not destroy the beautiful but fragile planet whose health we depend on for our own survival.

We can longer greedily rape the earth, and expect our children and grandchildren to live with the consequences of our selfishness and ignorance.  It is unconscionable for us to expect future generations to clean up the depraved mess we shall leave behind after we are gone — should Donald Trump’s vision be allowed to stand.

Four months into his malignant presidency, the time of Donald Trump has passed.

Tick tock.

A pendulum shaped like a swastika has appeared on the event horizon for those political leaders who acquiesced to his grotesquely amoral vision that asphyxiates the sense of moral decency that animates most men and women — but not Donald Trump and his ilk.

From this point on, things will get increasingly uglier, as if the moral turpitude we have already witnessed is not enough — for this regime and its supporters will not go down quietly —  in America, and, yes, all those other oligarchies around the world, where the few live at the expense of the many.

America has survived worse things.

It shall be the better for it once Donald Trump is removed from office by Congress, after Special Counsel Robert Mueller takes him down, and the orange clown’s reign of terror comes to an abrupt, ignominious end.

The entire planet shall breathe easier.

Imagine that.



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