Gouna Film Festival

gouna film festival

It is really starting to sink in that I am leaving the States in 84 days.

This past weekend, I did a pretend blog shutdown, complete with various iterations of Goodbye, cruel Internet, in which I lamented the dearth of traffic this blog is getting.

The truth is, I don’t relay care if anyone reads this blog. I look at it as light writing calishtenics, as I count out the days leading to my leaving America, perhaps for good this time round.

That said, it does get tedious bemoaning how shitty America has become — even I was getting bored of composing these satirical diss posts.

The orange one loves nothing more than to get into people’s heads; so let’s deny the fucker that. And Red State America is what it is; I am certainly not the only one who is getting as far away from it as possible.

In other news, I am starting to shore up what I shall be doing after my week and a half of lollygagging in Nice.

It looks like I shall be covering the inaugural Gouna Film festival for Gouna News.  What a way to start off being in Egypt!  This festo is going to take place the last week of September. It shall be a return to something I used to do ten years ago, which is contribute film reviews to a leading UK film mag.

I am looking forward to that, but I have to let you in on something: I am seriously considering taking up kite surfing when I get to Gouna. At my age, that would be something!





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