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Israel is beaming re the vote recently taken by the Egyptian Parliament to hand over the islands of Sanafir and Tiran to the progressive, deeply tolerant Kingdon of Saudi Arabia.

The most enlightening quote on the matter is that of the Most Honorable Ali Abdel Aal, esteemed Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives, who is not only a constitutional expert, but also a noted scuba diving authority:

His Excellency Scuba Master Ali Abdel Aal

“The Armed Forces is [stet, but never mind] the source of Egyptian patriotism, full of individuals of the highest caliber. It is one that can stand against any maritime problem. Brigadier General Assal hasn’t only lived on the Red Sea, but he has also dwelled in its depths in light of his work.”


Unfortunately the Twitterverse has not been silent on this delicate matter.

The greenboard text translates to “Egyptian land + $ = Saudi Land”

Meanwhile, back in the USSA, the fading exiled comedian, once known as the Egyptian Jon Stewart, had a major FB meltdown full of rudeboy expletives in the crudest of colloquial Arabic regarding this matter.

The FB posts reveal like totally how heavy his blood has become (دمه تـقيل, as they say in Misr) and out of touch he is with how most Egyptians feel about this contentious issue.

Tuz fee!

Anyhows, good luck I’m sure to Bassem with his newish, er, feseekh out of water movie, which only goes to show what a destroyed man he is nowadays.

tickling giants

As for me, I am of course miya fil miya (100%) okay with whatever President Sisi thinks is best.

It also goes without any question that I look forward to hearing much more about the fascinating, Neptune like powers of this impressively Cousteau-like brigadeer.

mo bin salman

Work? That’s a good one!

Personally, I wouldn’t give one wooden millime to any of those thaub-wearing troublemaking theocrats — few of whom seem to have have held regular yobs since the days of King Saud — let alone fork over two beautiful island on the Straights of Tiran, in view of the seemingly iron-clad legal arguments that were presented in court to block this transfer of sovereignty, but what do I know?

It is true, after all, that these islands are so very very far away from Egyptian territory, as you can plainly see from the drone pic below.

Sharm Tiran and Sanafir Is.

So far away

So I’m good with this. Like, yeah, totally. After all, I’d hate to find myself “disappeared” (a popular journalese malapropism) into the depths of the Red Sea any time soon.

Besides, if it’s good for Israel, then it must also be good for Egypt. 

Tiran - 6-day war

Egyptians relaxing at the feet of their new Israeli friends in Tiran during the Six-day war [source: Keystone/Getty Images]




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