Get yer El Gouna News heeeeere!

gouna news

Click to read Gouna News!


For the second week in a row, a post of mine has made it to El Gouna News.

This is a fantastic honor!

Gouna News is run by an ace-bassist Egyptian rock star player named Mourad.

Make sure you subscribe to his site, in order to stay in touch with what is going on in Gouna, and get my EXCLUSIVE Gouna Film Festival reviews, which are slated to appear in late September.

Now don’t start getting any bright ideas,  Thinking of visiting Gouna yourself?  What a terrible idea!

After all, the standalone villa that you can rent at an affordable price will probably have nothing-special views like this.



And some of these villas come with pools that are also nothing to write home about.


Yes, Gouna is only The In Place to visit if you want to stay by the sea, live in a gorgeous white villa, and make friends with fabu, relaxed people from all over the world.

Who on earth would want that?


2 thoughts on “Get yer El Gouna News heeeeere!

  1. I haven’t stopped following: I’m on the road – 500 km a day knocks everything else on the head. I looked at this while I drank my pub Chardonnay with dinner, before falling into deep sleep.


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