Blogging is for chicks

Blogging is for chicks.

When I look at people on WP who have thousands of followers, they tend to be women.

Yes, some men have thousands of followers too, but they’re mostly young, superficial and handsome, or right-wing old cranks.

But the vast majority of popular bloggers are females.

Either they are in their 20s, look good in a swimsuit, and have experienced nothing yet, so everything is new and wonderful, or they are in their 40s, expatish, and take nice pictures of beaches and food at restaurants.

Either way you look at it, you are not going to get a following if you are regular guy, aged 40 to 60, say, who does not have the sorts of views on life that many adopt to gain attention on the Internet.


Because the Internet hates normal, middle-of-the-road, liberal, middle-aged men.

In my case, I have many views on politics or literature or film and a diversity of other topics. 

However, my views are of no interest to anyone, as I refuse to belong to some inflamed digital tribe. It does not matter how well I express myself, nobody is going to read what I write.

beautiful animals

Best beach read 2017

In the end, if you feel, as I do, that tweeting is bullshit, that religion is bullshit, that countries are bullshit, that ambition is bullshit, that the idea of true friendship is bullshit, that even sex is bullshit, you will end up with very few readers.

You will be dismissed as a cynic, a misanthrope, a weirdo.

But if you have seen enough of this world, including getting a real sense of the maggots that infest it everywhere you look, you will be far less keen to write airhead blog prose about how wonderful your weekend trip was to Nice, say, or Budapest, or wherever it is you just went to on some pointless jaunt.

But if you choose to go serious, and really write, no one will read it.  Besides, why let anyone in on your innermost thoughts?

Keep your counsel, do your own thing, and fuck blogging.

You will be much happier off for it. Write only if you someone pays you to do so.

Because the bottom line is, especially for those who think of themselves as real writers, if you’re pumping out your work for free, with no expectations for getting anything tangible in return, then your writing’s worth exactly what your blog’s traffic and number of followers say it’s worth.


My advice is, go read a book.  You will be much happier off.


4 thoughts on “Blogging is for chicks

  1. Well! That demolishes me. I become “nobody” because “nobody” reads your blog. And I blog about my four day trip through Australian country towns or staghorns, or will when I get round to it. The only one of your views I’d challenge is about friendship. I’m off to read a book called “Being mortal” by Atul Gawande – it may not make me happier.


  2. Well I read your blog today (and enjoyed it!). Your right with what you say, but maybe that’s age related? When you have lived a long time and feel you’ve done it all, one is blasé about everything,, including things that excited us before. Nowadays, at 66, I get only excited about (not in any order) mealtimes, naps, playing Tennis, cuddling with my love and probably good conversation with old time friends who share similar life experiences.


    • I look forward to such conversations in the near future. I created a new post from the Hurghada/Gouna map that I kept from last time we met there. Cheers! Illa’ leeka’!


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