Italian Heroes

Today I took a break from all the Donald Jr / Ruskie bullshit on Twitter, and went forth out of my cocoon to find an American Hero, that is to say, a Hoagie.  Specifically, I wanted an Eggplant Parm sub with roomies, i.e. mushies.  What I got, I won’t show you here, because I don’t do food porn (but it was delicious!). So I will leave you instead with pics of where I went to get it.  This place is owned by a really, really patriotic guy from around NY.  Even the beer he sells is patriotic, though Bud’s now owned, alas, by nefarious foreigners. Me, well, I used to work at the WTC: Tower 2, Floor 77. back in the day. Like most places around here that I visit these last few weeks, before I leave America, this was a goodbye, after having patronized this joint for a decade. The good news is that, in 55 days, I will have the options of lunching on courgettes smothered in Niçois olive oil. Heroic.




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