A walk around town



We took a walk around Nice shortly after checking into our Airbnb rental in the Quartier des Musiciens.

I soon remembered why I love this town so much: the architecture reminds me of the Alexandria I grew up in and loved during the 60s.  An elegant city, with colonial era buildings that shimmered lazily under the sun by a dazzling Mediterranean sea.

The calm and serenity of Nice this afternoon was unexpected.  It was a Wednesday, after all, but it felt as if Erin and I were going on an afternoon stroll in a city whose residents were enjoying their Sunday off,

I started grinning the minute we got on the 99 bus to take us from the airport to Blvd. Gambetta (only 6 euros, and the stop we got off was two blocks from our street!), as I took in all the familiar the sights along the Prom, as we entered Nice proper.

I was getting closer to home, and didn’t even think about how casually I slipped into speaking fluent Medi style French with people we met.

Tomorrow I will go looking for more.






2 thoughts on “A walk around town

  1. Well glad you made it ok, leaving mayhem back in FLA. Talk about timing ! Others were less lucky. Monica WILSON I am told is in the British Virgin Islands and they must have received a direct hit. Patricia still hasn’t posted updates on what happened to her. I think they have no power.


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