The Dance of the fountains

Today, we first went to Place Charles de Gaulle to see the market in Quartier Liberation in Nice but it was already past noon, and all the stalls were closing up.

So we walked down to Place Massena, had lunch, and took pics there too and watched the water fountains dance.

There was a noticeable absence of exchange rate places.  We were running out of euros, so we changed some dollars in a tabac shop on Massena and got totally ripped off. .70 dollars to the euro, instead of around ,80.  It does NOT help matters that the dollar is tanking.

Moral of the story: use debit cards for getting cash; or pay with fee-less credit cards.




2 thoughts on “The Dance of the fountains

  1. Best place to change $ is at Sauclières…you were there…corner of rue de la Liberté…
    Belles pix… just dropped off daughter Zoë et her mec at JFK for their voyage to Nice.


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