Zamalek… izzat you?

Here’s a gallery that shows our rented flat in Nice, as well as scenes from une petite balade we took on Blvd Victor Hugo. Victor Hugo is the most beautiful street in Nice; its villas and general architecture reflect the peak of a particular aesthetic that I’m particularly attuned to, as someone who grew in equally bourgeois Zamalek, a neighborhood in Cairo that once looked very much like this. I’ve included some shots of a parc along the way where an art installation shows the residual, deep influence in Nice of les pieds noirs, colonial era French who moved here after the so-called fall of Algeria. Today the presence of North Africans is felt everywhere in Nice, not just in the shanty back part of town — as used to be the case. It has become a true multicultural Mediterranean city, much to the chagrin of some residents. Eh, bof, Life is very beautiful if you can afford to live on this street; I’m glad I made it a point to show my wife one of the reasons why I fell in love with Nice when I first came here as a student, the same year Michel Delpech released Pour Un Flirt Avec Toi. I have not stopped flirting with this town ever since, off and on over the years, and probably never shall. La la la la lala lala…


2 thoughts on “Zamalek… izzat you?

    • What is surprising about Nice this time around is the sheer number of Italian tourists. Very few Americans or Brits. Also, many many beautiful flats were shuttered up — particularly in the so called Golden Quartier: the rectangle of Buffa, Joffre and Hugo streets, behind the Negresco hotel. This is a big problem in Nice, where 30 – 40 per cent of the real estate market is either absentee landlord owned or warehoused by speculators.


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