Today, we decided to talk a stroll to the Old Port.

It’s maybe a 2-3 mile walk. The weather was still patchy cloudy, and cooler than before.

We cut from Rossini through Victor Hugo and Marechal Joffre, and came across a lovely park called Place Alzary de Malausséna along the way.

Peeking in a shop window on a side-street leading to the Prom.


Once on the Prom, we watched some a sea kayak regatta of sorts.


Then we strolled up Nice’s windy promontory.

As usual, there was lovely architecture to admire.

Nice’s Old Port.

Pleasant walk back, too.

We meandered along the streets on the eastern part of Nice, passing by the port arcade.

It surprised me how unerringly I was able to get us back to Massena with nary a wrong turn; it has, after all, been over 40 years since I lived here. Perhaps we ought to call it mussel memory?

We’ll be in the area again on Tuesday, to catch the bus to Eze, Hope it’ll be sunnier!


leaving america


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