Love is Bleu

erin in blue tunnel

Erin on our way back from Le Petit Liban, a lovely resto behind the train station, and far away from the usual tourist crowd

We spent the past day chilling on the beach by the Med, at the bottom of Gambetta, right by the Negresco.

I have taken lots of pics of places we have been but frankly it takes too long to optimize the pics so that they don’t eat up all the free storage allocated by WP.

We have not watched TV since arriving.  From time to time, I glance at the headlines on Politico, Salon and the NYT.  Why would anyone in their right mind want to live in such a toxic country?

Today we have to choose between going up to Eze, topping over to Italy by train, or just hanging out in  Nice — maybe visiting the Fac de Lettres and Magnan, in the west part of town, where I used to live.

Tough life.

leaving america


2 thoughts on “Love is Bleu

  1. Pleased you are well and seem to be enjoying your adventures. Your name came up over dinner this evening, “Have you heard from “OLLIE”?” ” I thought he was Canadian” she mused. You are missed, if not misunderstood. Nonetheless, someone is watching. If only me.


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