Leil, ya leil

i miss my dog

night descended hours ago. and it is suddenly 1am on a monday night in gouna in abou tig,  the cairo crowds have left and the marina can relax now as music drifts over the water and people speak arabic and french and almost no english, the gouna gigolos are working hard to hook up and seal the deal with all the fake blonde bimbettes but what i care more about is seeing the stars as i used to in dahab. i do not know why but the stars here are nothing like you see in the sinai which is like having diamonds hovering over you at night when you sleep by the sea out in the open. i walked far north today and was dismayed by all the construction going on in mangroovy.  i took many pictures of the trash strewn about floating in the water and what i would say is that gouna north is not going to be very nice at all in a year or two. the way dahab was destroyed but there is still much to see in the south of hurghada… marsa alam, and berenice and there you can actually see white sand and mangroves not the crappy red dirt that is what passes for beach here in gouna. i am sitting in an open air resto by the water & at the next table is sitting the director of the gouna film festival with a group of what sounds like lebanese filmmakers.  too bad i missed watching Photocopy, which is being discussed at the next table, earlier, that and whether forest whitaker is being flown in first class  — but I may catch it again later in the week.  in the meantime you can read the latest review i wrote here. i understand more about why gouna lives at night, it is far cooler, and i so enjoy hearing people sitting together speaking the various dialects of arabic. i love it and never has it been more apparent to me how irrelevant and low class the orange clown and his supporting claque of assholes in dc and elsewhere are to me.  i still do care about some things in america, but not much, come to think of it. why did i ever waste so much of my life in the shithole that is florida? why did i ever believe all the corporate horseshit that i swallowed hook line and sinker in nyc? no worries.  i like being anonymous, and no longer have to answer to anyone about anything. perhaps if i decide to write the stories that are coming into my head about gouna people might start to care and ask questions but until that day i am free.


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