Are you thinking of telephones?

abu tig is sad today for the sudden loss of mood’s manager.  he passed away 2 days ago. he was in his early 50s and well liked. the gouna film festival continues, boringly.  i went to see The Florida Project last night, and walked out after 10 minutes, so alas no new reviews to write.  but they brought in a group from denmark to play on friday at the closing ceremony. the guy had an epiphone guitar the kind used by the beatles on all their albums and i ended up playing jam man on the marina on this guitar. i continue to watch the bbc and cnn but only briefly to stay in touch with the news.  i have lost almost complete interest in what the orange clown thinks or does,  and feel sorry for those who have to continue living in america while this farce of a presidency is allowed to continue.  I miss my miss wife, a lot, and i wonder, is she thinking of telephones?

leaving america



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