The Bust

Gouna, earlier today.

Two o’clock in the afternoon and it feels like it’s 100 degrees. This is late September. I’ve been here almost 2 weeks now; it’s an oven. I thought the heat was temporary when I got here; I was wrong.

You can forget about doing anything during the day.  The sun stays high up in the sky for 12 hours and you will fry your brains out if you stay out of the shade for more than 20 minutes at a time.

So this means you are trapped indoors for 8-10 hours a day, and you better hope the AC works.

You go for lunch Downtown, then you have to deal with the fleas. Remember, nothing is air-conditioned.

If you sit outside and order anything that cannot be consumed in less than 2 minutes …. fleas fleas armies of them, hovering over your food, with their friends the persistent flies, crawling all over your food at every opportunity, so you are forced to eat fast. And don’t forget all the smokers who will be around at all times wherever you go,

If you want to sit a cafe around Abu Tig prior to 6PM, good luck with that. The blinding glare of the sun makes it impossible to read your computer screen, and most places do not switch on their WIFI till after 4PM, so this means you cannot sit anywhere and use the internet using a laptop.

Gouna is very small. What you do here — it’s watched, noticed, observed.  You have no privacy, in Abu Tig,

Gouna is okay for 3 – 4 months out of the year, if you have a car and a villa with a pool in west or south golf and no loud neighbors.

November till Feb is the time to be here, but do not expect white sands & the wind is constant and annoying, rendering simple things like sitting at a restaurant an exercise in battening down the hatches on the high seas.

The noise from the nightclub next door is starting up again tonight.  I did not come to listen to loud music till 3am every long weekend .  And I cannot tolerate all the cigarette smoking.

I honestly do not feel like writing any more film reviews or seeing any more movies,  and I absolutely cannot take this unending noise.

This trip, as I feared, is turning into a complete bust.  I should have rented Nov-Feb in West Golf, a villa. But then without a car you are completely isolated.

If the real estate cannot fix this nightmare, I maybe be out of here by next week.

leaving america



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