My lunch at Moods

Moods, across the marina from my place

My apartment, from the other side of the marina

The notorious Homaurora club, which blasts Relax Don’t Do it! type beats till 3am every night

The revolving door Three Corners hotel next to my place

On my way to Moods, I see trouble

Moods, El Gouna, Abu Tig Marina

Nice beach

Think I’ll sit here – I have a Moods card so I dont have to pay

Yeah, right here

The end of the line

Trouble shows up, of course they dont want to pay to sit on this private beach

Let’s see if they leave, otherwise I’m outta here

Now a Moods bouncer comes to give Trouble a talk

Blah blah blah

Finally they leave

Bye guys, nice seeing ya

I miss them already

lunch, Gouda burger, arrives wrapped in cellophane

Damn, this is the best burger I have tasted in Gouna

Lot of dogs on the beach, but all leashed — if you expand the pic, you can barely make out the outline of Giftun island (جزر الجفتون) on the horizon to the right

A Gouna Kéké, smoking of course

The catamaran coming in

More dogs

See the kite flyers?

Rather a pleasant beach, overall, water too cold to swim in tho

Wind picking up

Time to leave — bye bye Cooper!

leaving america

Achtung, habibi!

Moods Gouna

Moods restaurant in Abu Tig marina in Gouna

With the retweets of the Britain First videos, Donald Trump has now earned the right to be called the Terrorist in Chief, striking fear in the heart of all Arab-Americans that they will now be the target of even more violence and intimidation and harassment by the state and right-wing nut jobs across the United States.

This confirms that my instinct for survival — after being physically threatened by my neighbors in the state of Florida  — was on the money and that my decision to leave America was the correct one.

Few Arab Americans are truly safe today in America.  The Terrorist in Chief has seen to that.  But fight back we must — in the most effective (and legal) way we can.  In my case, before fighting back anything, I still have a way to go on that score;  I am still too shaken, too damaged, by 16 years of living in the American Taliban-controlled Deep South.

To that end, I am signing on Monday a deal to move into a villa (see pics in previous post) in a much quieter section of El Gouna, Egypt.  I feel safe here,  thanks to ironclad security in this part of Egypt.

Here I do not have to apologize or disguise the fact that  I was born Moslem.  Here people pronounce my name correctly.  Here  I can once again speak the language I grew up with and spoke as a kid, which I once could both speak, write and read with fluency. I cannot tell you how much emotional satisfaction that gives me on a daily basis:  to recover the Cairene Arabic slang of my childhood, and to begin again to think like an Egyptian, not some bogus transplant who never quite fit in in America, though for after 3 decades of living in Manhattan, I lulled myself into thinking differently.

My beautiful wife will be joining me in mid December.  She, too deserves a break from the devolution of the United States into a viperous quagmire under the illegitimate reign of the Terrorist in Chief.  I hope she will like the villa, and enjoy playing tennis with some of my childhood friends who have moved here.

I hope she will be happy to see me again, after all these months!

True, Gouna is not perfect.  In particular, Abu Tig marina is only suitable if you’re a tourist passing through, or a young couple here for a long weekend at Party Cerntral.  It is too loud, too transient, and frankly, I did take exception to the nightclubs discoing the nights away as all of Egypt was in a 3-day period of mourning after the Sinai terror attack against the Sufi mosque.

Sometimes there are young Egyptians who come to this apartment building who, to my way of thinking, obviously should not be here; there was one such quartet last week, and they make a lot of noise and acted very arrogantly, and then they left.

Yesterday, a young German couple arrived; they were booked to stay in the same apartment as the Egyptian quartet.  I heard them moving in, but soon I heard the German guy shouting very loudly in outrage about the state of filth and disrepair the quartet had left the apartment, which had obviously not properly been cleaned after their departure.

The German guy demanded another flat, and that was that.

Today, I will not be thinking about the Terrorist in Chief, or about the unending stream of horrifying news that is emanating daily from America.

I will, however, briefly contemplate how similar my reaction to the Nov ’16 election results to the German guy’s vis a vs his holiday rental: get me outta here!

In effect, in January of 2017, I looked at what America was becoming, and said, no, I will not stay here in this evil, hate-filled hellhole, a place that was slowly turning me into something I am not: an embittered, angry old man, who felt powerless, and less than.

But then, after dismissing the thought as ridiculously facile — leaving your rental flat is one thing, abandoning your adopted country quite another –I shall spend the day relaxing at Moods (see pic above), and will have a nice burger for lunch, read a bit, then go for a swim (if the water is not too cold) on its private Red Sea beach, to which I have free access as a resident with a special card, far away from the clutches of the Terrorist in Chief and his troglodyte acolytes.

Life as it should be, as they say here.

Achtung, habibi!


leaving america


New digs

It’s only a handshake deal a this point, but it looks like I can finally get away from Party Central, aka Abu Tig marina in El Gouna, Egypt.


I had to call the police to shut this place down after 3am last night

The blaring nightclubs till 3am every night, the busloads of crass tourists coming in at all hours of the day and night, the constant construction, the loud talking in the street by foreign drunks or Egyptian laborers, the revolving door of short-term rentals in my building (usually young Egyptian couples with primitive attitudes about acceptable public behavior), and the overall phoniness of the Abu Tig scene in general became too much,

So even though I left America because I cannot stand the racist orange pig in the White House, I decided that maybe I had to return to a state (Florida) I had come to loathe.

Not so fast.

It looks like there may be an affordable way out of living in the dangerously Islamophobic hellhole know as Trumplandia.

Stay tuned.


leaving america