New digs

It’s only a handshake deal a this point, but it looks like I can finally get away from Party Central, aka Abu Tig marina in El Gouna, Egypt.

I had to call the police to shut this place down after 3am last night

The blaring nightclubs till 3am every night, the busloads of crass tourists coming in at all hours of the day and night, the constant construction, the loud talking in the street by foreign drunks or Egyptian laborers, the revolving door of short-term rentals in my building (usually young Egyptian couples with primitive attitudes about acceptable public behavior), and the overall phoniness of the Abu Tig scene in general became too much,

So even though I left America because I cannot stand the racist orange pig in the White House, I decided that maybe I had to return to a state (Florida) I had come to loathe.

Not so fast.

It looks like there may be an affordable way out of living in the dangerously Islamophobic hellhole know as Trumplandia.

Stay tuned.


leaving america



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