My lunch at Moods

Moods, across the marina from my place

My apartment, from the other side of the marina

The notorious Homaurora club, which blasts Relax Don’t Do it! type beats till 3am every night

The revolving door Three Corners hotel next to my place

On my way to Moods, I see trouble

Moods, El Gouna, Abu Tig Marina

Nice beach

Think I’ll sit here – I have a Moods card so I dont have to pay

Yeah, right here

The end of the line

Trouble shows up, of course they dont want to pay to sit on this private beach

Let’s see if they leave, otherwise I’m outta here

Now a Moods bouncer comes to give Trouble a talk

Blah blah blah

Finally they leave

Bye guys, nice seeing ya

I miss them already

lunch, Gouda burger, arrives wrapped in cellophane

Damn, this is the best burger I have tasted in Gouna

Lot of dogs on the beach, but all leashed — if you expand the pic, you can barely make out the outline of Giftun island (جزر الجفتون) on the horizon to the right

A Gouna Kéké, smoking of course

The catamaran coming in

More dogs

See the kite flyers?

Rather a pleasant beach, overall, water too cold to swim in tho

Wind picking up

Time to leave — bye bye Cooper!

leaving america

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