The quest for an honest broker

I woke up today thinking about “the crucial financial support that [the US] gives the PA,” and it immediately reminded me of Auda Abu Tayi.

I saw Lawrence of Arabia on HD TV in my rental flat last week, and I thought, geez, here I am so close to where much of this classic was filmed.


So close to Aqaba.


To Palestine; but no closer, alas, to the vanished gardens of Cordoba.


So I decided to go find an honest broker.  But where to find one?  


Abu tig marina in El Gouna, of course… where else?


As you can see, there are many people here who are very experienced in dealing with honest brokers.



So I walked around some, but quite honestly I was a little bleary, and did not find any honest brokers around.  


It must be because the honest broker bars in Abu Tig marina were discoing  the night away on the 2nd day following the Jerusalem announcement.


No worries.


I just looked at a distant island, and told myself I must go there one day.



Then I walked through this lovely archway, and immediately thought I have to write a think piece post about Christopher Alexander to prove I’m deep.



I soon dropped the idea however, and instead went to buy fresh croissants to have with my morning coffee.

At least I found an honest breakfast.


leaving america


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