I move in

Now that ze Internet problem has been fixed at the villa, I can finally post a batch of pics for your viewing pleasure.  One thing about the villa that’s for sure, I am going to flit the place from top to bottom during the next week.  The mosquitoes are cunning here, and come out when the last ray of sunlight ebbs. Sort of like those creatures that emerge in the dark in I, Legend.  Quick, Henry, the Flit! While the Mozinet saves me from sleepless nights, a la Abu Tig, I still get bitten if I watch TV in the evening, and I hate that.  But on the positive side, the vibe here — day or night — is absolutely incredible — quiet, and you get to hear nature in action, with the birds flying about at various times of day, and the  meowing of Tiger, the cat who adopted me, calling out for food at night. Tomorrow I am replacing the unreliable S5 smartphone with a low cost plain old cell phone, to ensure that there aren’t problems a week from Saturday when my wife tries to contact me at Cairo airport, where I am flying up to meet her and  bring her down to El Gouna.  I can’t wait for her to be able to de-stress by being far far away from all the noise and nonsense in America. Other than the skeeters, no complaints to make here, but I want us to be able to enjoy this place 24×7, and not fear the emergence of the insects of the night.  This means total flit war, until I win. Some of the pics below are of the ratty old apartment, where I put up with all kinds of crap as I sought to find the impossible:  a beautiful villa at an affordable rate for 3 months.  On my last day in the marina, I went on a final walkabout, so there is also a pic the fake Xmas tree that has just been erected there, and a few snaps of the styrofoam “snow” pellets from some Russian vodka promo, pellets that undoubtedly will kill wildlife as the wind blows them into the Red Sea. But let me conclude with a hats off to Egypt for putting forward the UN security council resolution re El Quds, veto or no veto!

I slept on the floor for 3 months here
The crap bed that ruined my back
The bathroom I had to deal with
The oven that barely worked
Notice the size of the sink
Where I had to dry laundry
And then… nirvana… a 10 room villa on the water with a pool!

I had to improvise the first night

Abu tig marina, the land of bad ideas


leaving america


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