So today being Friday, the Cairo weekenders who stay in the flats across the street are back.

Given that Erin and I were feeling better, but were still under the weather, we decided to take the 2:30 bus downtown, and have lunch at Zomba’s.

We ate inside, away from the wind and cancer sticks, and saw a cute Santa on the window.

After lunch, we went to the pharmacy and picked up some cold medicines, and a bags of dried anise from Best Way.

We also stocked up on some comfort fool medames.

Not to mention remedial chocolate.

And then we went to B.tech, and picked up a dafaya (space heater).  Should have done this a week ago, when it started getting chilly.

Now the living room is nice and toasty, and I feel MUCH better. Alas, Erin still feels terrible from the flu. May Allah smile upon her by tomorrow.

leaving america



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