5 must-haves to survive winter in El Gouna, Egypt

So… ready for your nice, winter-long Gouna vacation?  Can’t wait to get to that villa you rented for 3 months?  There’s a reason it was available:  many owners do not want to deal with the rigors of spending the entire winter in Gouna.  So if you want to enjoy your getaway at this high-end Egyptian resort town, you need to be prepared. Here are 5 essential items you must have in order to survive the Gouna winter challenge.


Winter in Gouna is brutal. As soon as the sun goes down over the mountains, the temps in Dec/Jan/Feb will plummet to 55F, not including the wind chill factor. Pick one up for $25 at B.tech downtown. This is an essential item, as are warm clothes.
In Gouna, the winter sun is not the anvil of God that it is in summer. However the constant winds will dry out your skin to the consistency of crepe, unless you use a skin lotion product. Vichy Lait Appaisant is one of the best, if you happen to be coming to Gouna from France!
No matter what you do, there will always be at least one wily mosquito to make your nights miserable. Get a skeeter net sleeping bag, and laugh as these rapacious blood suckers try in vain to destroy your life.
Gouna is desert country. Get yourself a 6 Litre bottle of Nestle’s Pure Life water: the water is better, and the company claims there’s less plastic in their bottles to leach into the water. This brand is in great demand, so grab it when you see it at the supermarkets in downtown Gouna, and make sure you drink at least 10 large glasses a day to avoid dehydration.
Noise cancelling wireless headphones. Egypt is the land of noise. In Gouna, you will encounter loud neighbors, talky workmen, buzzing tuc tucs, and lumbering buses. Put them all on ignore with a pair of Chinese knockoffs from Hurghada, which are almost as good as the real thing, but cost less than 200 LE.


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