My inner Bedu

My cousin Ashraf just emailed me a .pdf version of Fire and Fury, the Trump expose book everyone is talking about at the moment.  I read a few pages, thought it well written, and will finish reading it over the next few days.

But unlike much of America and apparently the world, I’m not obsessed with getting the skinny on the Donald Trump presidency.  I am interested in bigger things at this stage of my life.

I will be 67 this August.  I do not intend my last few active years to be overshadowed by Trumpian nonsense.  After nearly four months of living the expat life outside the United States, something vile that was once central to my decision to become an Arab-American expat is increasingly becoming moot.

I have other fish to fry.

Today, my wife and I will continue to take it easy, and recover from this nasty head cold that we share. We will not do much today, other than stop by the hospital pharmacy to pick up some more Ultrasolv , the Egyptian cough syrup, and then have lunch at the Turkish House in downtown Gouna.  Lentil soup and grilled lamb kebab should hit the spot; after all, this place does have the best lentil soup in town.

Then we will come back to the villa and chill by the pool in the sun, and when it gets dark, I will take a nap, in preparation for tonight 9:45PM Real Madrid match against Celta Vigo.

I think we will feel well enough tomorrow to take a tuc tuc out to Element beach, which is located in the wilder north part of El Gouna.  It will be too cold to swim, but my wife is leaving in less than 2 weeks:  she needs to do more than just go downtown and back every day, with the occasional tennis foray to the Gouna Tennis Club or Abu Tig marina.

I am already thinking ahead as to what I will do after March 15th, when my rental agreement ends. I’ve inquired with my rental agent about extending a few weeks more, but it’s nor possible:  the owners are coming back to their villa the last week of March.

Since I’m in no hurry to return to the States prior to the expiration of my Egyptian visa on April 17th, I’ve decided to take the bus from Hurghada to Marsa Alam.  It’s only 285km (177 miles) away, and over there, there’s actually beaches of fine white sand and lots of shoreline marine life that I can enjoy while snorkeling.

I’m going to attempt to renew my lease at the villa for a new rental period later this year. Despite reading this — which is regrettable, yet understandable — I’m hoping to be able to return here for a 6 or 7 month stay, commencing October, as I no longer wish to live in the US full time while Trump is still in office, and Egypt offers an affordable way to solve that problem.

Going to Marsa Alam in March by bus (I could of course fly, but don’t want to) will be quite rigorous, as will living in much more primitive conditions in Marsa Alam, Quseir. and perhaps even Berenice, so I plan to start walking for two or three hours every day, as soon as my wife leaves, a week from Saturday.

I need to get in touch with my rail thin, tough as desert an Acacia tree, inner Bedu, habibi, and see new things in the remote South of Egypt.

It should be quite an adventure!

leaving america


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