The Bergman Excursion at Element Beach

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First of all, I’d like to say thank to all those who visited my blog today. Without you, I’d be eating digital traffic dust in the desert wind.

Now let’s get down to business.

Today, my wife and I felt much better, and miya fil miya (Egyptian slang for 100%) recovered from the flu… so we decided to head to Element Beach and check it out.

gouna egypt

I almost made it to Element, when I went on a long walkabout back in late October.  I was living alone in Abu Tig marina, then, and decided to take a hike up to the northern boundary of El Gouna. I ended up in a blue lagoon with wild birds.

gouna egypt

But today my wife and I took a tuc tuc; 35 LE was the damage (it’s usually 25 LE for 2, to go anywhere else in Gouna but Element beach).

We walked right, towards the South, and Erin saw the Blue House and my blue lagoon in the distance.  I glanced behind us and saw the wadi that cuts through the mountains. I’m determined to explore this wadi before I leave Gouna for the summer.

The weather was beautiful, but no wind, so we didn’t see any kite surfing, but saw plenty of other stuff.

Like this Egyptian scarab beetle trudging in the sand.

gouna scarab beetle
Can you find the crawling bug?

Despite this sacred dung bug, the beach was rather lovely.

gouna egypt

The mountains too.

gouna egypt

We saw sea shells, some of them quite spiky, placed on a concrete beach umbrella stabilizer.

Then everything turned grayscale; and a mysterious horse appeared.

I didn’t quite know what to make of this unexpected situation. Had our excursion turned into a 1950s Bergman movie?

gouna egypt

The horses got closer. At least they weren’t riderless.

gouna egypt

But then suddenly, a single engine flying contraption appeared out of nowhere, and everything went back to Technicolor.

gouna egypt
Sea horses began wading back to shore.

gouna egypt

All this made me quite happy.

gouna egypt

This happiness was shortlived, for when we went back to wait for the tuc tuc in Element’s parking lot, a white wild dog appeared in the dunes and barked at us. This was some serious dog.

gouna egypt
Notice the lovely garbage

But we survived to tell the tale.
leaving america


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