I’m not going to write some cutsey little post today or publish any cozy pics. Let me tell you straight out, if you are over 60, don’t fucking come near Gouna in the wintertime.

Yesterday evening, around 6PM I thought I would go downtown by bus from my place.

So I stood outside my villa, and waited, in the cold, while it got colder and colder as time went by.

No bus.

By 6:30PM, I started walking to town.

I walked by the security guy at the end of the street, and complained about the lack of bus service.

As they all do in such circumstances, he told me to call some number where I would be talking to some asshole in Arabic about no bus.

Fuck that. I looked at the guy, and said, in Arabic, you know what these bus drivers are, hemeer, I said, donkeys.

Then I walked to town, in the cold: 30+ minute walk in the dark.

Then I went to Kan Zaman for dinner.

Lotsa hijabis there last night for some reason. God they look like such cows.

I ordered lentil soup, and something new, called Cedar something or other, which ended up being badly boiled rice, and a few pieces of beef

I walked out, leaving hem 200 LE for a crap dinner.

I went back to the bus station.

The bus driver started carrying on in Arabic about how sorry he was the buses were not working earlier.

I told him to can it and got off at my stop without saying a word.

This is what happens to you in Gouna in Winter if you are over 60

Then I spent the next 14 hours in temps that dropped down to the 40s F.

I have a word of advice for you.

If you are my age dont fucking come near Gouna between Dec and March, if you value your health.

I woke up, after a fitful night of sleeping under 3 heavy blankets, my teeth chattering, and waiting for the morning sun to warm the mausoleum cold villa I am renting.

The asshole pool guy rang the bell at 8am, and then showed up again 2 hours later with some fuckface guy whom I guess is going to be harassing me for the next few days while the pool guy goes on vacay.

Then some fucking dagos who are renting the place next door started playing some asshole wop rap music at 8:30am, then some fucking security guy wandered in on my property at 9.  I asked him in Arabic what the fuck he was doing here, and he said he thought the villa was empty, and I told him not to ever fucking set foot in here again.

So that is how today went.  It warmed up a bit, between noon and 3PM, but now as I am typing this it is 3:30PM and the ice wind from the West is blowing in again, and the windows are so poorly constructed that they don’t block the wind or sand or the fucking bugs from coming in.

I did a laundry earlier, and pegged it down on this chintzy asshole stand thing outside and the wind blew the wash over and ruined all my clothes with sand.

I cant stand this fucking place any more.

Florida… sorry I put u down. It makes this shithole seem like Paradise.

So…. if you are over 60 and dont want to fucking risk your life dying of hypothermia, don’t even think about coming to Gouna Egypt between Dec and March unless you are prepared to pay a fortune in utility bills for your electric heater.

I can’t wait to leave this fucking place and be with my wife again.

leaving america



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