New digs

Things are suddenly looking sunnier.

The real estate agent called today, and off we went to inspect the new place.

I love it!

It’s a bit pricier (but not by much) than my current digs, but this villa solves a lot of the problems here, especially the heat issue, the floor issue, the bad neighbors issue, and the unwanted traffic issue.

Plus you can see the Red Sea from the front porch; the lagoon in front of the villa leads to it, and it is not far away. It also has nicer bathrooms and a bigger kitchen, with dishwasher and microwave.

Nicely located, this villa is not in the middle of nowhere, like where I am now. I can easily walk to Abu Tig marina, or Downtown, but am far away enough from both to not suffer from undue noise. Moreover, the door fittings are brand new and very solid wit a double lock system that keeps out noise and sand.

I can move in March 15 thru April 14, or put a different way, around the time the US Treasury is going to run out of money thanks to the Orange Clown and his sycophantic enablers.  I have a few days to think about it, and want my wife to tell me what she thinks, but I believe she would love it.

Now it does have a northern exposure, so I am going to have to think about if I want to rent it for 6 – 8 months come Fall.  I would be in a position to tell after a few weeks on that score.

But this place solves another, more immediate problem:  I don’t want to go back to the USA just yet, and this will allow me to do just that, but also experience Gouna during the best time of the year.

By the way, I learned something today.  The reason why there are no solar panels in houses in Gouna is that ORASCOM (the company that provides electric power here) apparently will not allow it.  Who knew?


leaving america


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