Scenes from an Expat Life

All right. So I sorted out the WIFI issue. And the 5,000 LE  utilities bill. Then I went downtown to Any Call to pick up my SD card reader which is quite funky, but it works. What you see here are pics of the buses I take all the time, and downtown Gouna. If you go to San Siro, don’t sit in the back, cuz the asshole owner will be on the phone all the time talking like some loud-mouthed Big Man about the dissa-kount he may or may not give to the clueless Germanic peoples who comza here from the whore tells. Even though I sorted out all the shit I talked about in the previous posts, and I mean all of it, except for the greasers next door (wait: them muchachos are gone!), I am still ambivalent about if I am going to stay past mid March. Gouna can be mighty cold, in more ways than one. One last piece of advice: make sure when it comes to renting that you understand that all kinds of underhanded games are played, so make you deal with someone who is a straight UK or European shooter, and not some swervy, now you see it, now you don’t, Egyptian guy, who, of course, smokes.


leaving america




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