Where am I?

Archway in downtown Gouna

Okay, so where am I in this long journey?
Looks like I will be returning to the States around mid March.
That’s only about a month or so away.
Soon, my trusted real estate guy returns from England.

Warm enough to swim at Mood’s beach yesterday

I can confirm then that I can again rent this place from October till end of April 2019.
Once that is nailed down, I will book my Egyptair return flights.
It makes sense to come back here, because I like the place — except for the cold, and the occasional noisemakers.

There was a lot of shouting yesterday around Jobo’s over this

But I will bring some winter clothes when I return, as I think the agent/owner will allow me to leave my bags here, while I am gone. So that might work out just fine.
I do enjoy living part-time in this remote part of Gouna, because, despite the occasional weekend barbarians, it’s probably the quietest area around here.

Soon, ya rab!

There is nothing like the dead silence on the back porch, by the pool, in the afternoon.  It’s also pleasant to go downtown when it isn’t crowded; ditto Mood’s in Abu Tig marina.
And I think soon, with the weather warming up, that I’ll be able to swim the pool before I leave.

It’s like being in Nubia, with no one else around

I have made some good progress in terms of becoming physically fit, and will continue to do so when I return to Florida.

Splish splash, downtown Gouna fountain

In Florida, I will have equipment that will help me with my training: weights, a good TREK bicycle, a SUP board, and a car with a SUP rack. The car gives me lots of flexibility to take the SUP board to the many beautiful areas around where I live in FLA. That will be a nice break from constantly walking or having to take buses or tuc tucs to get around.

I lived for 3 months in the apartment building across the marina.

It’s going to be extremely tedious dealing with the Trump noise machine when I get back.

San Siro’s flag ceiling in downtown Guuna

But I will do my best to ignore it — as well as the obnoxious right-wing geezers who live on my street — and gut it out for 6 months, until I return to El Gouna.
That, at any rate, is how things are shaping up — unless something comes up at the last-minute and I stay here through mid April.

leaving america


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