God, guns and Trump

RIP to the High School kids in Parkland who were murdered yesterday by an insane teenager.

I’ve lived in Florida for a long time, an hour north of Broward County, where this heinous crime occurred, and the sheriff’s (which has its roots in an Arabic word, something most Americans are unlikely to know) last name is Israel.

Today I watched nutjobs on FOX talk about how the lethal AR15 did not cause these poor kids to lose their lives.

Then I read this, which should clear up any doubts in your mind about America.

God, guns, and Trump?

No thanks.

I may have poked fun in satirical past posts about the reactionary foreigners who live in Gouna, but one thing I am sure about is that if they, or anyone else, tried to pull this open carry shit around here, they would immediately be apprehended by the police and thrown in an Egyptian jail for a very very very long time.

And that is why, in the end, I feel safer here as an Arab-American than back home, where probably every old coot who lives on my street owns a gun and despises anything having to do with Arabs.

God, guns and Trump?

Yeah, right.

Keep supporting the NRA and watching Laura Ingraham and Hannity, suckers.  It’s good for you — not to mention your grandchildren.

leaving america



2 thoughts on “God, guns and Trump

  1. There’s no denying that the closer you are to guns, the more there are, the more likely you are to be the victim of gun violence.

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