Sandy goes American

gouna cat
Sandy going up the stairs by the pool

So I was supposed to go on some Gouna boat ride, but the weather’s been crappy.

So instead, I stayed home and didn’t eat for four days, because since I was staying home due to the crap weather, I figured I’d work on losing fat at a faster pace. I did do back stretching on the dome behind the second floor balcony, I used it like a Swiss ball, stretching back to make my old spine more supple.

gouna villa
Exercise dome

Drank plenty of distilled water to keep myself hydrated, felt kind of dizzy and on the fourth day I went to Kan Zaman and bought my favorite Egyptian foods as a takeaway (which is what they call take-out in Gouna), lentil soup, bamia (ochre), rice (with brown noodles), and stuffed grape leaves.

I also bought Sandy (the feral desert cat who adopted me in this rental villa) some more food, cause Tommy, this asshole male cat who follows her around, ate the last of her food. This is getting expensive feeding two hungry cats. So I’ve decided to keep her bowl of food inside the villa from now on, even though when I do that, Sandy has a tendency to bring back half dead lizards to the back door, bite off their tails, look at it twitching, then eat it just to let me know how hungry she is.

Anyway, I went downtown to get my food, and since Tommy had eaten the last of her grub, I had to get kibbles. Well Bestway (a local supermarket) didn’t have to a regular big bag of cheap Egyptian dry cat food so I had to spring for American.  This is the first and last time I’ll be doing that.

meow mix
Made in America

I took the water, kibbles, water, and food back with me on the bus.  I heated up the soup, and ate the rest of the food slowly, and really felt better by the end of the day. Kan Zaman even threw in some whole wheat bread (known as eish baladi) pitas, which were delicious.

I am getting thinner; the neck and jawline are getting tighter, but I am still worried about getting loose skin, but the last few days were too windy and shitty for walks, so I did the starvation thing to move the weight loss thing along and get rid of the toxins. As a reward for this exercise in three days of self-denial, I treated myself to a real English Mars bar after the vegetarian Egyptian food I had today.

gouna villa
Pool was almost warm today

Today was much nicer.  Unfortunately the loud Spanish renters in the villa next door are back, with all these loud half-Egyptian kids they bring with them when they visit. Plus there are more kids that arrived in the apartments across the lagoon.

gouna lagoon
View from the Dome balcony

So rather than listen to their shit while trying to enjoy the pool, I had to stay inside and watch Code 46, an interesting BBC film I had not seen before which ended with an interesting final desert scene.

The cold winter days and especially nights go by slowly. There is a lot of stuff going on all around, in FLA, DC, Syria, Occupied Palestine, Turkey, here.

But I refuse to get drawn in and rant about any of it — even though I cannot understand, say, what kind of primitive animal really needs or thinks it’s a good idea, or exciting, or fun, or macho, to buy something like a lethal AR-15 weapon — and the fact is there isn’t a line outside my front door to solve the world’s problems.

I came here to get safe and healthy by getting far away from the daily, often tragic American circus since Nov of 2016, but Sandy just isn’t helping in that regard.

She made me buy American, for the first time since I left the States almost six months ago, but no, she can’t go back with me in April.

leaving america


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