The big fool says to push on



UPDATE: Props to Dick’s Sporting Goods Store. Fuck these twisted gun loving assholes.

Another beautiful morning in El Gouna, Egypt, far away from the crazy ass shithole known as Amreeka.

So the gun thing is going nowhere.
That’s fine.
We are all good, God-loving, law-abiding people here.
We love our kids so so much we want insane people to be able to kill them, no problemo.
How can you not see the logic in that?
This is what Freedom is all about.

Truth to power. Uranium One. Lock her up. Ben Ghazi. Crisis actors. Fake Jews. Fake Republican Negroes. Ruthless lobbyists. The swamp. 666, DACA. Chain migration. Rupert the Dark Invader. Gun show loopholes. And Mrs, Landis teaching English needs to pack heat. It’s all good. Jared’s on the spin case, but now he can’t read the morning reports. It’s okay; Bibi will lend him his copy.

It is completely normal to love guns, to fondle guns, to jerk off while holding a gun, to suck the end of gun barrel till it goes click (tip of the hair net to The Jesus), to buy as many of them as possible. This is all normal. There is nothing wrong when any of this. Some people even want to marry guns. This is very American.

My fellow Americans. we need more guns. Bigger guns. Better guns, Sexier guns. We need to be able to buy guns in bars, the airport, subways, movie theaters, and of course children’s playgrounds.

Bigger is better, and don’t even think of saying that all guy gun owners are nothing more than swishy closet cases. Oh, and let’s not forget, nona sequitoris, we need to bomb the shit out of Arabs from here to Eternity. Meanwhile, England appears to be dying. But at least the US military and its various unsavory associates are living even better now off the fatted tax-base calf. Sequi toris.


For some reason, I have never felt the need to own a gun, that is to say, a mussadis, or hanker to patrol the grounds with a bundo’iyya (rifle) strapped on my back or on my shoulder like some Assiuti ghaffeer.

Owning a gun would not make me some fuerte Big Important Guy.

Shooting defenseless animals does not translate to a macho dude.

Gun owners, you are so sick in the head you don’t even realize how bad it is with your twisted, warped view of How Life Is. Like this floozy, you live in a very dark place indeed. May a Midnight Special never come near you and yours.

I ain’t got nothing but love, babe.

leaving america


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