No mahshi today


caleo gouna
If you look closely, you can see my reflection in the front door glass. Although there is still a residual paunch, my fat geezer look has dramatically changed since coming to Gouna, six months ago.

So I went downtown before the 2PM Eibar vs Real Madrid game to get some mahshi (stuffed veggies) from Caleo.

caleo gouna menu

Picked up shaving cream along the way; boy they are really tearing downtown Gouna apart for a bridge walkway over another artificial canal that is being built.  No sure why any of this is needed, except to continue with the so-called Venice effect; it will also keep the dreaded tuc-tucs out of the area, which used to be a big cruising spot for them: in fact, when my wife visited in January, one of them harassed us around there. I’ll leave it at that.

dowtnown gouna

The mahshi would not be ready till 3PM at the earliest, so I picked up the same dinner I had last night (see previous post) for only 50LE, or about 3 US dollars, and was cheaper by a dollar than the Gillette shaving cream. Funny how the exact same meal cost 3 times as much last night, when I was with my friends.

caleo takeaway
Too bad the clear liquid in the Bird’s Tongue soup (round styro bowl) spilled out on the very bumpy bus ride back. The creaky old, diesel fume-spewing Gouna Shuttle buses, with their lack of adequate suspension, and Gouna’s crappy roads in general, which are replete with speed bumps, are particularly fantastic at causing spinal disc problems, especially if you are over 60. Until I learned to sit up front, rest my arms over the top of the bus seats, and push myself up when the bus driver is barreling over speed bumps (or mattab, in Arabic: مطبّ) while using my thigh muscles as suspension, well, I could barely get out of bed the next day if I took the bus anywhere.

Delicious and very nourishing.  I have been eating meat for two days now and feel much stronger. And the topper is, Real won, although the club was dominated much of the time, and Ramos in particular played a really s***ty game.

leaving america


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