Would you swim here?

Near Mangroovy Beach, on the Red Sea

A few days ago, prior to the arrival of Winter Storm Toby, I submitted a new piece to a literary magazine.

Today, at noon, I shall once again go see Sandy at the previous villa where I was staying.  I shall bring 2 bags of dry cat food, and a tin of the chicken/tuna “wet” stuff she likes so much.

UPDATE: she was nowhere to be found when I arrived at 1:30PM (had to wait an hour for the supermarkets to open at 1PM, this being a Friday), but I left the pool guy 2 large bags of Top Cat, and filled her bowl with the Tuna/Chicken wet food she loves. That is it; not going back ever again, sadly, but necessarily.

Think I’ll spend a little time with her by the pool, too, before returning to downtown Gouna to take pics of the lovely new Bridge over the River Why. After all, this kit deffo got Betty Davis eyes.

UPDATE:  Everyone who works in downtown Gouna hates this moronic idiot bridge.  It’s simply bad for business. I will post pics of it when I feel like spending an hour compressing jpegs. Meawhile, I glimpsed the Egyptian American-wattanabes sweating it out earlier today at Club Duport, earlier today. Nice how they search all the bags when you go in, and take away any liquids. Them swinging sports-bra titties must be worth the admission ticket, I reckon.

I hear over CNN that the c**t known as John Bolton — a disgustingly right wing piece of khara known for hating Arabs — is going to join the administration of the Orange Traitor.  With all the new hires that basically hate everything I stand for, I am not planning to stay long in the US when I return.

I will not vote in the November midterms, either, for privacy reasons but also because voting might imply implicitly accepting the legitimacy of a stolen election, if not, in fact, a stolen country.

Think that’s a tad over the top-ish?

the hat.jpg

Maybe you should take a gander at what nice hair, nice girlfriend, nice gig Chuckie thinks. whom I last saw in person at the main library in Martin County, some years ago, at a time when he was still idolized by those who revel living in Koch Nation.

That said, it is almost a certainty now that I will return to Gouna in the Fall, and look forward to watching at a safe remove the chief pig facing the possibility of doing serious KY time in the Big House. I ain’t no FLA redneck who didn’t leave before the Hurricane arrived.

The question is, dare I swim in the murky local waters?

In the land of pseudo giants, we are all, let’s see now, oh yes, jumbo shrimp. Unless we have the balls, finally, to remove, permanently, the limb with the gangrene. Just do it legal.

leaving america


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