Just do it

Downtown El Gouna at noon on a Friday

This past week in America…. .  What’s it going to take?

How long will Americans consent to be led by a sociopathic creep from Queens?

Oh I know.  The uneducated idiot white racist male who works, when he does, with his primitive hands and his primitive skill set doesn’t give a shit.

Fuck you, racist white American shithead.

Now let me change the subject because I have both short fingers and a short span of attention.

Last night, in El Gouna, Egypt, everyone watched Egypt play Portugal in Zurich.  The cheers went up from adjacent villas when Salah scored, but then the town fell silent as Cristiano did his thing, twice, in OT. There were such hopes.  But everyone here agrees Salah is no Messi.

Gouna yesterday at noon was deserted.  They were all at the hive.

Me, I don’t care.

I have important things to worry about.

Such as, why do I still have stomach issues since Sunday, and why — despite all the weight loss — do I still have a Mitch McConnell neck?

Then there is this other thing, I’ll mention it, briefly.

The deal is I’ve often rained plaudits on Cairoke’s Dinosaur.

But then it turns out they maybe riffed it off Bieber’s Let Me Love You.

Sad, man — if true.

Windy day here today in El Gouna.

Increasingly being here seems pointless.

The sky has turned into a white haze, and no one here is here; they do their thing elsewhere, and then they come here to decompress, but only briefly.

What Gouna really is is the place you go to when you don’t feel like doing anything serious for a few days.

lake district

I’d move to the Lake District if it weren’t so cold in winter.

Lastly, I did a search on Google and Bing typing “El Gouna” as a keyword.  I have been writing about this place since September, consistently producing 400 to 800 word posts, with original pics.  Yet this blog does not rate in the Search Engines, compared to the Hotel and Rental agency crapola. Plus there are never any comments, and the traffic is pathetic.

You know what?


My feet are turning to white ash.



leaving america





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