Every time

I turn on CNN, there is more bad news from America.

America, the place from where its current president is the most despised man on the planet.

How can anyone — other than some deeply disturbed sicko — live with being that?

You know, I don’t remember any stories about President Obama consorting with hookers.

I don’t remember his having to hire new teams of lawyers every few weeks.

Can’t say I recall him talking salaciously about his own daughters.

I cannot imagine any real world leader engaged in the sort of muck that this disgusting turdball revels in, day in, day out.

Time for him to go, obviously: but Pence and Mitch cannot succeed him; they are just a different variety of stench bacon.

And time to make life absolute hell for the poisonous snakes who work at the NRA  and all the right-wing “think” tanks and those that fund them.

Time to go into every red state bastion and shred the chokehold they have on the US.

Time to end the era of threats and intimidation. Time to end forever the era of turning the presidency of the United States into some sort of ridiculous Godfather nightmare.

Time to personally and unrelentingly humiliate and bankrupt the orange pig and his family to such a degree that no right wing shitfuck ever even thinks of running for the White House again.

I’m not saying porky Sarah Manface should be sent to sent to some fat farm, but can you imagine President Obama ever being associated with the notion of rolled up magazine spanking?

This disgusting pig must be removed.

As long as we’re at it, time to go after his aides, his lawyers, his acolytes, his supporters. We must do it by legal means, but do it we must.

No mercy.

This poison must be eradicated from the body politic.

This must end. Nothing else will do.


Welcome to November 2018, asswipes.

LOCAL UPDATE:  it is getting quite warm in Gouna, and all the insects are coming back. It is impossible to walk in the front door without being pursued by biting flies and pestering skeeters and the heat is already in the mid 80s daily so the AC has to be on constantly, adding to the cost of living here, which is essentially an African resort where water and wind sports quickly get old — unless you’re 20 . I am truly sick of this pointless desert crap, already, which is turning my face into a pile wrinkles due to the lack of humidity. Can’t stand not having a car, and always having to walk or take taxis or buses everywhere, all the time. Can’t stand having diarrhea for 7 straight days from the infected, overpriced food. Can’t stand not having access to MSNBC, or Netflix or the political web sites I like to read which are blocked here. I can’t stand not being able to buy something as simple as a chicken parm sub with mushrooms. And I can’t wait to leave in mid April. I doubt I will haul ass to Cairo, before leaving, but you never know. For what? I didn’t notice any of my so-called family calling me in the 7 months I have been here. I have just about had it. Glad I got it out of my system, but wish I could afford to spend April in Paris, and regain a cultured, positive outlook on life, if you ignore all the bombings in France, that is.

leaving america


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