arabic boat

Another astonishingly beautiful day in El Gouna, Egypt, so beautiful in fact that I am reminded of the Arabic word Zeena — it means decoration, and Gouna with her easily dismissed beauty seems like a prop to what is actually going on in the world.

The weather is cool, again, but not cold, and the moon is full. It’s the last one I may ever see in Egypt, as I have now booked my flight out in mid April. Because it’s cheaper to book a round trip, I also have a ticket to come back in early October, but I doubt I shall do so.

There is a mad terrorist now in the White House, and the damage he is causing must stopped by the mid November elections, and he must be removed either by Mueller or the 2020 Presidential.

Despite this unpleasant reality, I’m already looking forward to going back. I came here thinking I should escape the naked madness of right-wing America, but instead, arrived at the realization that I can remain sane amidst the gaggle of evil monsters who have infected our liberal society, because at least in the US, you have a Constitutional guaranteed freedom of speech.

It would be criminal of me not to write the books that are in me. I have seen much here, and have come to understand what is going on both in Egypt and the United States and in me personally at a deeper level than before I arrived.

New York is in my blood, though, and in two weeks I shall once again be in the city I shall always consider my true home.

Can’t wait to get where it ain’t all just Zeena.

leaving america




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