The Country You Want To Live In


I have often walked…

Last days here in Gouna, Egypt.  Sham el Nessim holiday is over, so all the Cairo and Alexandria crowds are gone, and the streets are back to being empty, which is how I like it.

I will be back in my country, the United States of America, on Saturday.

The noose is tightening for Trumpie boy.

Yesterday the sex pervert’s whiny press performance with Mr Shanabat, the insane John Bolton, at his side was classic, and the raid on his gun-carrying lawyer fixer boy a pleasure to watch. The pig who loves to use the word “disgrace” is himself the embodiment of national disgrace, and by that I mean the fall from any lofty state of Christian grace in which America may have once viewed itself.

So I guess today or tomorrow we may be seeing cruise missiles launched at Syria, and the markets continuing to tank (or rise dramatically, prior to the short money being made, or even something as dumb as going long on a Chi XI pronouncement) as a consequence of the gathering trade war that the buffoon has engendered.

This orange clown is in no position to make any decisions of this kind any more. Not only was he not elected by a majority of the people of America, but as the true scope of the repugnance of his and his family’s business dealings are exposed, no self-respecting person in the United States military or government should listen to his ravings. Just ignore or outright disobey the fucker.

He must be cornered by men and women who respect the law, like the dangerous psychopath that he is, and stopped from further harming America and the rest of the world.  I just hope no more innocent Syrians are killed because of the grip of madmen around the world have on power, but of course that is exactly what’s going to happen.

Yet the force of law shall ultimately prevail in America. I still have the hope that reason and decency shall ultimately best our worst instincts, the ones that this vile presidency exposed for all to see.

Unlike in many parts of the world, most Americans will not bend to the will of an autocratic would-be dictator.

In America, they like to say no one is above the law, although having a really good lawyer helps a lot.

The FBI is going to do what is supposed to do. Mueller shall go down in history as a true American hero who may have saved (along with his dogged team) the country from becoming a banana republic.

Dems will assume control of Congress this year, and within a year the orange pig will be removed in fitting, humiliating ignominy. There are cynics who say, dream on. I say, just wait and see.


Best country to live in, for it is, still, a democracy, despite the poisonous views of 35 per cent or so of its population.

Time to right the ship.

It’s a great time to be going back, despite Spanky and the gang.

omar sharif
Nice to see Michel Dimitri Chalhoub’s birthday being honored by Google

I left the US seven months ago with the right-wing fuckeroonies who support the corrupt pig gloating in their porcine glee.

Now look at the oinkers squirm and squeal and try to pull their usual disinformation damage control as the Trump presidency goes down the toilet and straight to the septic tank where it belongs.

Love it, especially the public hand holding with the Eurotrash gilt.

The long nightmare is ending soon. We will never witness the sight of those Republicans in power, past and present, who envisage that it’s a really great idea to bomb millions of innocents civilians, end up in shackles in front of the ICC, but we are going to get very close to permanently ending the stranglehold that pathetic old men currently have on America. We can never forgive the broken bodies, and they will be held responsible.

The bird is key

As for Gouna, which is absolutely gorgeous this time of year, I will never regret having come here, for it clarified quite a few things about quite a few people, including myself, but now my expat gig’s over.

Time to blow this pop stand, already.


leaving america



2 thoughts on “The Country You Want To Live In

  1. “… right-wing fuckaroonies…porcine glee… etc.”
    Some very satisfying vitriol in this edition! Merci!

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