NFL Draft Day!

bike shop

My bike being worked on

Today was quite busy.

First I activated Sirius XM, as they had sent us a coupon with an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Then I built a test Android app using a code generator.  The output was primitive but I sent the company a list of 4 or 5 questions, pointing out the flaws in their product, and asking for fixes: they are working on it.

Next I went for a bike ride. Rode 22 clicks round-trip to the bike shop, which is a lot for me, as I am just starting out with the Trek torture thing, and am already worried about cutting off the blood supply to the jewels.

But I don’t like carrying my mesh bag over my shoulder when I ride, so I went to the bike shop to buy and have them install a rear wheel rack that uses bungie straps to secure my bag or any other light stuff that I might be carrying along. Also got a spare tube.

The ride was a bit hard today, as the winds were 15 mph and I was riding straight into it going back.  A couple of posts back I ragged on Egyptians for throwing garbage by the wayside along the highway along the Red Sea.  My bad. Saw plenty of crap alongside US1 today, glass pint whisky bottles, beers cans, junk food wrappers, and empty plastic water bottles galore.

florida sand cranes

Stopped along the way to take snaps of a bunch of Sand Cranes playing golf.

Later on in the afternoon, I had my roof guy come and inspect something that looked like an expensive problem. Luckily it’s not the roof, but the gutter drainage.  I will get that fixed next week.

There’s not going to be much to report the rest of this week — as I have to hold off going SUP paddling till next weekend because of the knee wart removal episode earlier this week, and mostly what I am going to be doing is exercising, working on the web site, and reading.

I will be reading the Mirage book that I picked up today at the library, in preparation for the book club discussion at the Jupiter Lighthouse next week.

Other than that, the big event this evening is about to take place at 8PM.

The NFL draft starts then, and by 9PM I should know who my team — the NY Jets — has picked as their potential franchise QB.

This is a big event for me, as I have been watching this team since the Namath days, and used to go with my wife to watch games at Shea. By the way, Joe Willie lives the next town over, and I shook his enormous hand once, not that long ago.

This draft is a pivotal moment in the history of this ill-starred, cursed franchise, but tonight they’re picking 3rd, and anything can happen when you pick in the top 3.

Time to go watch the Tee-vee.

Later, gators.

leaving america

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