Trattoria Spaghetto

After the movie, we went to a place I know on the corner of Carmine and Bleeker to have lunch in the West Village. I have eaten at that place for over 30 years, always having the spaghetti with white clam sauce. I like the joint because scenes from the Godfather were filmed across the street, and because they always served a generous portion of reliably tasty Italian food.

When our meals came, it was a children’s portion for both of us. I had 3 clams in my sauce. I complained to the waiter, but he said that is how it is. I loudly asked for the check and we left without leaving a tip. I am starting to notice a pattern. Yesterday the dinner portion at the Sardinian place was also tiny and equally expensive. Maybe it’s the rents — I don’t think I have ever seen a shallower bowl of Minestrone.

I am never going back to the Trattoria Spaghetto again. BTW it has become a tourist trap run by Russians. Most galling was the cook sitting behind us, and feasting on a normal size portion of spaghetti marinara, as he looked on without any interest as we complained to the waiter.

$57 for 2 forgettable tiny portions of Italian grub. People on this block have been shot for less.


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