So as MSNBC continues to focus on the latest lies emanating from the odious turdball in the White House, my wife and will be taking in the Kharga exhibit at the Met.

Earlier today, I ran into a nice English chap called Colin, who has been to Tavira in Portugal.

It does sound like the place holds a lot of potential in terms making a semi permanent escape from the land of Bible-thumpers, that is to say, the dunderheads-with-guns marks, and the slimeballs who hoodwink them all the way to the bank, as things inevitably come to a head, and the time of reckoning approaches.

My racist, Trump supporting duckface neighbors in Fla r showing no signs of finally kicking the bucket, so first thing we do when we get back to Fla is book our trip to Portugal.

With the Euro slipping against the dollar, this might be the right time to take the first steps to getting far away from this zift country.

I’ll add pics of the Kharga exhibit later today, if they let us take any!


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