Same old Jets. Toilet Bowl has been our coach 4 years, and the team looks worse every year. We need a revamped O line, a good ILB and a fierce OLB, an edge pass rusher who’s not some pussy with a helmet, and a receiver who can stretch the field and actually catch the ball 40 yards deep. My guess is the Jets go 3-13 this year. Jets should get rid of Toilet Bowl before he ruins Sam. Not spending $800 to watch the Jets on Direct TV this year; same as last. Of course the Jets are owned by a trust fund dork and Orange Pig fund raiser, so fuck ’em six ways till Sunday. The only thing that’s different is that, unbelievably, the Big Apple has become as boring as this sack of shit team and as unappetizing to live in nowadays as a Howard Lorber vomit dog.


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