The Coming Civil War?

IF America has become a dangerous country run by corrupt old mandarins, what is the moral thing to do?

If, say, the current grifter occupant of the White House issues an order to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran, what is the moral obligation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

If gun culture has so warped this country, at what point do you strip the citizenry of all assault weaponry?

If two Supreme Court Justices are installed by a corrupt and corrupting, possibly traitorous President, do we remove them from office, and pass ten-year term limits? Do we also roll back all Federal judicial appointments made since Nov ’16?

When will the mass demonstrations begin? When will the White House be surrounded by millions of loyal Americans demanding that this pig be forcibly removed from office, the sort of massive civil disobedience demonstrations, unseen since the 60s, with an outraged citizenry refusing to leave until Donald Trump is no longer President?

When will the Electoral College be abolished, the grotesquely bloated military budget cut in half, and the savings passed on to institute comprehensive social justice, including strictly enforced Medicare for all?

Will new laws be passed to abolish the widespread system of patronage and bribery that controls the Vichy government now in power and perverts our form of Democracy?

Will those sketchy members of the House and Senate who have enabled Trump also be removed from office and possibly be held legally accountable for abetting crimes against the American people?

If we are to regain the moral high ground, should our support of and lavish foreign aid to pretend democracies, such as Israel and Egypt, immediately come to an an end?

When will the ability of right wing religious skeevers to impinge on women’s rights be permanently nullified?

Data privacy, unbridled police, the destruction of our environment, the inability of our schools to produce enough educated graduates to deal with the challenges of the 21st century, the crippling cost of college nowadays, and the inherent unfairness that has been built into our society almost guarantees that a time of reckoning is due to arrive.

Are there any solutions that we can all live with, or is a second civil war all but inevitable at this point?

Increasingly, all signs point the latter.



5 thoughts on “The Coming Civil War?

  1. It’s simple. I think of the coming war more in terms of “The Public Health” than as conflict between peoples. True, it’s more of a cutting out of cancerous growths than pest control but there’s no easy verb for that which people at large understand or which is still in common use, e.g., curettement.

  2. Hey! We’re both looking forward to the war, so we shouldn’t be too hard upon each other at this time. 😉
    And yes! I respect the strengths of your beliefs and neither expect nor want you to back down. Frankly, your frankness puts you far above the majority of your sort.

  3. As long as those that think and speak as you do are allowed to walk free within America’s borders, there is no recourse except a cleansing ala civil war. Fortunately for America, we’re far better armed and will eradicate your sort and all of those that you pander to- and enable.

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