End of the Abbey Road


Tonight’s our last night in NYC, and by that I mean our last night ever in NYC.

Goodbye, Manhattan. I spent some of the best and worst years of my life here, but in the end, you couldn’t live up to your billing.

You’re too expensive now; too absentee ownership-ish; too touristy; too Jewish; too Black; too Spanish; too homeless; too loud; too dirty; too corrupt; too disapointing; too much the altar of broken dreams of every sort, shape, and size.

Once I thought there was no better place in the world to live than this; now I cannot imagine visiting here again, let alone living here full-time.

Goodbye, NY. You were great, once, but I sense that greed and corruption and widespread coarseness and vulgarity has led you to a place where you will never be great again.



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