Leaving the Shit Life

Where we’re headed

Still in NY, but in Westchester now; my wife and I return to FLA tomorrow.

I am still agog at how expensive everything is in NYC, and now, Westchester. Such poor value for the money; and the quality of everything way down.

Living in this part of America is nothing but an extended scam, while living in the South is a death warrant: you will be condemned to living a boring life amidst half educated, older people with guns who think the corrupt national security threat currently in the White House is the cat’s whiskers.

At this stage of my unworthy life, my beautiful wife and I have to seriously explore the viability of permanently leaving the US and living out the rest of our days in the Algarve — unless things radically change.

My wife’s family came to North America on the Second Mayflower; her bloodline is as blue as it gets, yet she, too, can no longer tolerate what has happened to the USA.

There is no question in my mind that a civil war is imminent in the US; the rift is too great: apparently, hard as this is to believe, a near majority of Republican voters would support the orange pig if he delays or cancels the 2020 election; their appetite for army rule seems equally sanguine.

I believe the American fascistas would probably “win” for the first 2 years of such a war — they are armed to the teeth, and control the food supplies — but after that the tide will turn, culminating in a pacification program that will make Sherman’s March seem like a picnic in the park.

I have no stake in the game, as I choose not to hang around and rubber-neck the coming carnage. Like many other people, both in the US and around the world, I find that the US has turned into an even more grotesque country than how it was when it napalmed entire defenceless villages in South East Asia, as it now encircles the globe with the machinery of surveillance and destruction, while continuing to pursue the neo-con, Christian fundie / Zionist agenda of conducting endless, ill-conceived wars that it cannot possibly win, the intent being to ruin one country — usually Moslem — after another, leaving a swathe of sadistic destruction in its wake; the unspoken goal being to reduce any form of Islamic civilization, that in any serious way threatens its narcissistic world view, to mounds of rubble.

Make no mistake about it: the American heart — despite the palliative hand-waving of the US’s strategic foreign aid programs — is as vicious, dark, and cruel as that of the most barbaric Colonialist of an earlier era. At my age, I chose to enter old age with a sense of guarded optimism: that the last 20 years or so of my life shall be productive, positive ones — and not years frittered away amidst odious right wing zealots and their despicable orange half god, who is little more than a conniving hustler with a deranged sense of grandiosity, who has, to date, managed to evade criminal prosecution, despite a lifetime of grifter deals.

Already there is positive news on our exeunt front: it looks like the hoax that is Brexit is about to fall apart, which means that my EU passport will be golden as we make our move to Tavira, and begin to lead a civilized life far away from the barbaric shores of unyielding toxicity that continue to masquerade as a noble experiment in self-governance.

We are far from well off; but my wife and I do have (limited) options — should we decide, at this last big turn in our lives, to take a fearless leap into the unknown. In this, we are luckier than most.

I cannot wait to say goodbye forever and wish the land of “the free” — the same one that has reportedly intervened in 81 foreign elections between 1946 and 2000, yet professes shock when Russia returns the favor — absolutely everything, in spades, that it no doubt thinks it deserves to have in its particularly demonic version of the shit life.


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