City of Toothpicks

30 years ago, my wife and I were married in Westchester County.

Today, we had the misfortune of having to go by Pig Links, at Ferry Point, just before crossing the Whitestone Bridge on our way to LGA.

Not totally sure about this, but way back in the day, that area may have served as a toxic garbage dump. If so, not much has changed in that regard.

I glanced at the Manhattan Skyline to my right, a town we lived in for decades.

It looked like a city of toothpicks, and I realized that the tug at my heart that I always used to feel when leaving the Big Apple was gone.

The news grows bleaker by the day, as the pig and his handlers and supporters maneuver to choke Democracy out of America’s body politic.

It’s both horrifying and deeply saddening to watch, but we are not sticking around for this country’s inexorable descent into the malebolge.

By Wednesday, we’ll be booked for a flight to the Algarve.

We plan to remain there 4-7 weeks, mainly to reconnoiter the area around Tavira in search of a long term rental, starting in May 2019.

The way things are going in f**cked America, we may never return!

PS once on the plane, we were surrounded by lowlife Florida trash, with some good old boy asshole with a baseball cap banging the back of my chair with his knees. A prelude to the coming 4 weeks amongst the low lives…


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