Yesterday, the United States rose again and reaffirmed the notion that we are a nation of laws — unlike, say, Egypt, or other bullshit, third-world, strong-man-rule “democracies.”

The work to undo the damage Trump and his band of grifters have done is only beginning.

This is not the time for early gloating, as the cabal of mercenary profiteers continue their assault on our country.

The notion of leaving the US now is out.

I would not want to miss witnessing the undoing of the Orange Pig first hand.

Instead, I will once again focus on weight loss, muscle-building and overall physical conditioning, reading my books, writing the occasional short story, and working diligently on the software idea that I came up with this summer.

And in two months, the weather here will become beautiful again, for an extended period of time — so why leave?

the snide smirk of a pig
We won’t be seeing much of this snide smirk in the days ahead, alas

Even if my tech project comes to naught, the very act of working on developing a complex piece of software shall serve to re-sharpen my mind at this advanced stage of my life — so, instead of kicking back in my 60s, I am now eager to engage myself in the world again, as a player, not some put-put geezer waiting in the wings to die from empty old age.

Life is becoming a pleasure, again.

First order of business: the bike rides and SUP board adventures will now resume — along with long walks on the beach, exercise swimming in the pool, and of course weight lifting and other good stuff.

Things are of course going to take a serious turn for the worse from this point on for the Orange Pig and his cabal of fantasist supporters and sleazoid henchmen.

Isn’t that simply wonderful?

I shall not be alone in looking forward to partaking in the deeply satisfying joys of schadenfreude.

Nothing quite like hearing the sound of all the little pigs squeal, as the rats jump off this stinking ship of state.

Such music to our liberal ears!

leaving america



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