Tavira, resplendent

On Friday, the weather cleared up after a day of the drizllies.  So my wife and I went for a long afternoon walk in the SouthWest part of town.  We had croissants at the French bakery, visited the library (a former prison), and bought beads at an art supply shop.  In many ways, Tavira’s restoration reminds me of the job that was done with the dilapidated conch houses in Key West, down to the ceilings of covered balconies being painted blue to fool the bees into not building hives there. Wish we could have done this sort of extensive walkabout weeks ago, but the weather was simply too hot.  Too bad the prices of homes in the Algarve are increasing by an average of 10% a year, and that many small houses and apartments are now going for well over a quarter of a million dollars. Wonder how long that will last, with the era of cheap money coming to an end? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are 50 for the ages. Let’s let beautiful Tavira speak for herself…

leaving america


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